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showing data memory full after calling fir filter function for 4k samples

Question asked by AshokMajee on Jun 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2009 by CraigG

I am using adsp-21368 platform with vdsp++5.0 envirinment , after calling fir function for 4k data , msg diplaying full memory !!

my simple fir example ........




#include <filter.h>

#define  TAPS 60

float  x[4000], y[4000];

float  pm coeffs[TAPS];     /* coeffs array must be         */

                           /* initialized and in PM  memory */

float  state[TAPS+1];

int  i;

for (i  = 0; i < TAPS+1; i++)

    state[i] = 0;          /* initialize state  array       */


fir (x,  y, coeffs, state, 4000, TAPS);

                           /* y holds the filtered  output  */



Here two array  x[4000] and y[4000]  , is it possible to make single array whose input replace with output ?


so i can make filtering of 4000 samples !!


Ashok Majee