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How to enable DMA interrupt for the SPT1

Question asked by liyq on Aug 5, 2012
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I am try to using SPT1 to process the pcm data stream, i have configured the SPT1 and configured DMA with auto-buffer mode, also enabled the SPT1 and DMA DI_EN_X,  but i can not get the interrupt in isr, seems the DMA interrupt not created by correctly. as i remember the BF5xx series also need to enable the SIC_IMASK bit 5 for DMA3 of sport0 rx. As the BF6xx series changed the system interrupt, so, my question is, how can i to enable my interrupt in DMA program just like the BF5xx series DSP? or don't need that, and where i can find some example for the DMA operation in BF609 in buildroot?