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ADV7611 LLC output clock duty cycle in clock doubler mode - follow-up

Question asked by qhall on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by qhall

This discussion is in follow-up to a previous thread which was closed due to the delay in our response.  I would like to re-open this discussion on the basis that the issue is still unresolved and that new information is available.  Here is a link to the previous thread.


The update is as follows:


The customer has confirmed that they were using 480p60 in the example scope traces provided.  If you look at the a-b delta number in the upper RH corner, you can see that it is captured as 37.10ns in both the non-doubled (single period) and doubled (two periods) captures.  This translates to a measured frequency of 27MHz.  You might have been looking at the “T” time in the capture which was not set to correspond to a period.


Any assistance that you can provide in terms of providing additional insight would be greatly appreciated.


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