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ADV7511 720p VC707

Question asked by Ennzo on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by Ennzo

Hi all,


I would like to have information to help me to realize a design to test your chip ADV7511. I use the development board of Xilinx vc707 with virtex7 (page 40 for hdmi section)

I need to use RGB 12bits signals, with 1280x720 resolution. I want to display this video data on a standard PC screen

In your data sheet adv7511 called adv7511 programming guide revg-1 , my type of data video is the Input ID = 0


1)I’ am not sure but If I use a pc screen with hdmi to dvi adaptor,  I need to take the 720p -60 or 720p-50 format on your data sheet ?


2)I would like to know if I could generate DE, vsync and Hsync by your chip AV7511?

Or if I need to give to the AV7511 the DE signal to generate the vsync/Hsync, or give the vsync/Hsync to generate the DE signal?


3)What is the register that I need to modify to realize my goal ?




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