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Connecting an MSP430F5438 to an ADXL346 via SPI

Question asked by TacB0sS on Aug 3, 2012
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I've been learning for the last while about SPI and how to implement it using the MSP430F5438 Microprocessor. I've came to the point where I've taken a SPI small demo application, and have changed it a bit to fit my ADXL346 component connection setup. I'm now trying to figure out, how to start the the programming process, I've went the Quick start guide, and all the example starts with:


     Vs = On

     Vi/o = On


Perhaps I'm missing the obvious, but how do I turn these on?


Later for the configuration of the ADXL346 it seems that I need to send a 16bit packet via the SPI, but the MSP430 supports 8bit packets, which may be aggregated into a 16bit packet.


Assuming I send the data 8 by 8 bits, would the component be able to handle it?


The 16 bit is consistent of r/w bit, multi-byte bit, 6bit address, and 8bit value. I didn't get the values of the r/w bit?