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ADIS16364: Sensor overrange ?

Question asked by sgarcia-fiuba on Aug 3, 2012
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After writing the default (datasheet) value to the control registers of the IMU and performing a "precision autonull" (30s), I read the following control and status regs and obtain two strange values:




    :3FEC       product ID, OK

    :87DB       applied voltage, OK

    :0034        FLASH_CNT, OK

    :0000        ALM_CTRL, OK

    :0E00        GPIO_CTRL (default: 0x0000)    ***DIFFERS FROM DEFAULT VALUE***

    :0006        MSC_CTRL, OK

    :0001        SMPL_PRD, OK   

    :0402        SENS_AVG, OK

    :0000        SLP_CNT, OK

    :0010        DIAG_STAT   Status: ***SENSOR OVERRANGE***


What does this means?

I suppose the GPIO_CTRL value is a minor issue (since I don't need the GPIOs, only use DIO1 for "fresh data" signaling).

But the DIAG_STAT worries me, since the IMU is quiet.


SPI comm is working reliably.


BTW, there's a little errata in the datasheet (rev.D), at page 9 (backup to flash); where it says: "DIN = 0xBE04", it must be: "DIN = 0xBE08" .






Sebastian E. Garcia

TA - Electronics Dept