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ADuM3220 - using the shoot-through protection

Question asked by Yachaan on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by bkennedy

I want to use the ADuM3220 shoot-through protection in an unusual way:

Adum3220 Driving.png

This is only one part of a stepper motor driver.

                    [note that the full H-Bridge & load is omitted [for now] on the schematic]

I have ONLY one signal, so I invert it for the high side, and I use the low side sig on VIB

                                             to check if the signal has stopped to prevent overlapping.

And vice versa.

This is because there is no isolation between the two outputs that I have to do it like this.

[And lets say there IS overlapping to prevent.]

Also it MUST BE an NMos solution, - NO PMos allowed.


1] A Is it possible/feasable?

     There is no output used on at least one output of each ADuM

     [a little wasted, but do NOT look at the extra components or waste, just the result!].

    B  How protected is the solution against shoot-through?


2] Gate resistors, how needed are they with an ADuM?


3] Also the Zeners - can I leave them out?


4] The schotky's - are they needed?


5] What else should I do on the above?


6] How many ADuM3220's can one ADuM5000 drive?


7] Alternatives solutions in ADuMs?


Please answer all Q's - thanks!