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Vref< Avdd/2 ? for AD7654

Question asked by feiwu on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by jcolao

Dear Ms./Mr,

In AD7654 datasheet.

Parameter Conditions                       Min   Typ     Max        Unit

External Reference Voltage Range:   2.3   2.5    AVDD/2    V.

AVDD                                                4.75    5     5.25         V


I ngeneral application,

2.5V(+/- 10mv) ref  and 5V output LDO(4.9 to 5.1V )  are useed.


They maybe 2.5V > 2.45V(2.9V/2=2.45V);

What  bad effect will happen to the AD7654 ADC system ?

What perforamce will be affected? and bow much affect?


Thanks and best regards,

Wu Yong