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ADV7842 SYNC_OUT Pin Operation

Question asked by Rob.M on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by GuenterL

I have connected the ADV7842 to another chip that seems to require HS, VS, Field, and Active Video information.  I have the HS, VS, Field pins connected correctly, and have also connected the SYNC_OUT pin to my ACTIVE_VIDEO pin of the other chip.  I'm trying to output a test pattern out of the ADV7842, and so I have it running in "Free Run" mode, and I don't currently have an incoming signal into the ADV7842.  I'm not getting any activity on the SYNC_OUT pin from the ADV7842, however.


My question is this:

1. Can the SYNC_OUT pin generate an "active video" signal, either in "Free Run" or normal mode?


FYI, we have setup the "Free Run" mode to output an SVGA 60Hz signal, and the HS, VS, and clock output appropriately (we haven't measured the field signal, but assume it probably okay).  We are also able to output the HS onto the SYNC_OUT pin, by setting the appropriate register, although that's not what we're looking for ultimately, of course.