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AD7760 control registers /CDIV is change?

Question asked by sss on Aug 1, 2012
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Please advise to me!


We evaluate the AD7760.

Input the CLK "MCLK = 39.66MHz".

After power-up sequence, set the control register 2,1.

Holds the set to " / CDIV = 1" (MCLK = ICLK).



to different settings, change the control register when 2,1,

Register will be changed as follows.

"/ CDIV = 1 (MCLK = ICLK)" ⇒ "/ CDIV = 0 (MCLK / 2 = ICLK)"


Is this correct behavior?


Then understood as follows.

Power-up sequence (reset?) is only once.

"On power-up, the default is ICLK = MCLK/2 to ensure that the part can handle the maximum MCLK frequency of 40 MHz."


The following description is, What is your relation?


datasheet page 33

"Recommended register setting for power-up and normal operation using clock divide-by-2 (CDIV = 0) mode: 0x0002"




このメッセージは次により編集されています:  satoshi sasaki Additional questions. When using normal mode, If I set the register to "(/ CDIV = 1) MCLK = ICLK", Are there any problems?