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ADV7184 video switching problem

Question asked by justsoso on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by DerekBurke

We are using ADV7184 as the TV decoder chip of our system,and we connects six PAL video cameras to  ADV7184  with channel AIN1~AIN3 and AIN7~AIN9. we need to switch the video input to next camera every five minutes and only supply the selected camera with power.

when we don‘t switch video input,everything is well and no video rolling happens,but when we switch video input,the problem appears,

a line appear on my screen at a random position  and the video  begin to roll downward; when the line arrive at the bottom of the display,the video stop to roll,and resume normal ; we must resolve the problem, but after several days template ,we are still failed;

is there anybody who can help us;


the following link refer to a similar problem and relative attachments: MOV00701.3gp


our relative hardware principle diagram: video_in.pdf


our problem description:VIDEO0017.mp4


our adv7184 driver source code:adv7184.c adv7184_regs.h


can anybody give me a configure script?