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ADV7619 and sync

Question asked by msauer on Jul 31, 2012
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we use the adv7619 in our scaler board as hdmi frontend. I init the device with these parameter:

Init ADV:


s 98 1b 01; Sample ALBS (Device Adresse)

s 9a fa 9c; EDID Map auf Bank 0x9c

s 9a fb 9e; HDMI Map auf Bank 0x9e

s 9a fd a0; CP Map auf Bank 0xa0

s 9a f8 a2; DPLL Map auf Bank 0xa2

s 9e c0 03

s 9a 01 06; PRIM_MODE = 0110 HDMI-GR

s 9a 03 41; 30-Bit 4:4:4 SDR

s 9a 04 62; RGB Output, 28MHz

s 9a 05 28; AV Codes off

s 9a 0c 42; Power Up

s 9a 15 80; disable tristate

s 9a 19 83; LLC DLL phase

s 9a 33 40; LLC DLL Mux enable

s a0 ba 01; HDMI FreeRun

s a2 b5 01; MCLK to 256fs

s 9e 00 08; HDMI Port A, BG Meas Port B

s 9e 02 03; all BG ports enable

s 9e 3e 69

s 9e 3f 46

s 9e 4e 7e

s 9e 4f 42

s 9e 57 a3

s 9e 58 07

s 9e 83 fc; Enable termination

s 9e 84 03

s 9e 85 10

s 9e 86 9b

s 9e 89 03

s 9e 9b 03


The input is a HDMI/DVI signal with 1920x1080p 60Hz and 148MHz clock. The measurement registers are all correct but I can only measure a vsync frequenc of 16Hz and on hsync and de nothing. Do you have a hint to solve this problem.

Thank you for your help


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martin sauer