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No node in /dev to access AD7476 (through IIO Framework)

Question asked by shekharlav on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by karthikeyan



I am using 2011R1 HEAD distro, with 2011R1-RC4 toolchain. I am using ADSP BF527 based platform


I built the distro as given in

Note : Blackfin GPIO was used as SPI chipselect instead of any framework based (native SPI) chip selects.

Note : The support for Buffers was also built


As given in the above link I was able to read data using the sysfs interface.

I have enabled buffering and am using bfintmr3 as my trigger.


Despite being able to read data via sysfs, I found that there was no node in /dev through which I can directly access the device (once it has been configured and enabled through sysfs).


What might be the issue ?