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Blackfin PCM issue

Question asked by HansXie on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2012 by Prashant



here has a issue, would you please help to check?


blackfin PCM port cause system error in audio
processing confirmed as following.



  1. PCM
    port to outside multi-chips SLIC chipset with SPORT.  A FPGA support for
    chip selection and timing controller.
    1. Some
      devices find PCM error and then audio lost signal per timing error
    2. Only
      reset the whole system can resume.
  2. TI
    Setara AM389x also meet same question, per TI PL support find the following
    1. PCM
      timing error in time cause this issue
    2. AM389X
      find the abnormal operation interrupt happen as following XOVFLSTAT bit.
    3. Reset
      outside SLIC chipset and clear CPU PCM buffer and settle this question.



Blackfin has same register as spec
following, but  there is not bit interrupt happen when system abnormal.



Would you please help to check with
PL in this question?