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High Speed 50 Ohm Analog Line Driver

Question asked by lidar on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by charlyelkhoury

I have a need to send a DC to 300 MHz signal to a 10 Bit ADC over approximaately 4 metres of coax.

The signal is derived from a Photomultiplier Tube and a proprietry 28dB gain amplifier. This amplifies the signal to required signal level but is a negative going -1V peak from 0V signal. I need to buffer that out to 2 analog to digital converters with input range of +/- 500mV. Thus I need to add a 500mV offset to the signal and invert it. This is a time domain reflectometry system (LIDAR) so I would want say 600MHz capability so as to not slew the pulse edge too much. In addition my noise floor from that 28dB front end amplifier is already at 1mV which is the 1 LSB figure for the 10 bit 2 GSPS digitisers I use so I can't tolerate much additional noise. Willing to scrafice a little bandwidth to keep noise floor down is necessary.


So I need (2 off):

Inverting Amp, gain of -1

50 Ohm drive capability

600 Mhz minimum bandwidth

Low Noise


Can you suggest a part whch might met my requirement?