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BF-548 LCD Updating Issue

Question asked by Ostenn on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by Nabeel


I'm developing a spectrum analyzer that outputs onto the LCD screen of the BF-548. I have created 20 bars that all have their own magnitudes and colors and render onto the LCD as expected. This was written based on the RGB_Out example codes found.

The issue i'm facing is that in the function "LcdDisplayPattern(u8 *pDataBuffer)" (which exists within the RGB_Out example) i'm adjusting the magnitudes of each of the 20 bars, then displaying it using the *pDataBuffer++ = (u8) (ColorID). (The same as the example code gives.) But just after (or while) adjusting the magnitudes of the 20 bars then updating the screen, there is "noise" that is created - Odd pixelation that occurs on the LCD.


This pixelation only occurs when I adjust the magnitude of the bars. If I lower the frequency of this adjustment, the image holds stable for longer.

Eg it seems that the transition between the magnitudes is causing odd pixelation noise.


It is my immediate thought that their could be an imbalance between the "PingBuffer" and the "PongBuffer" but im not entirely sure.

I colleague of mine suggested that there could be something with timings and hence the buffers are being overwritten to soon or similar.


Any help is appreciated.