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Code compiles incorrectly on different computer

Question asked by SIsrael on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by SIsrael

I've been working with some code for the ADSP-21369 that has historically compiled and run well on the original programmer's computer (using v4.5 with Nov2006 update).  We are now trying to port the compiling over to a different computer so that we can compile in the field.  We currently have three computers with VisualDSP++ installed, including the original programmer's.  Using identical source code, project files, etc., the code compiles without error on all three computers.  LDR file size is identical.  However, when the code is uploaded to the DSP, it only functions correctly if it was compiled on the original programmer's PC.  On either of the other ones, it does not operate correctly.  Unfortunately, the DSP itself is currently deeply installed into a hardware setup and can only be accessed via serial bootloader.


So far, I have tried compiling with an updated version, but it's been of no help.  Is there any known cause for this issue, or is there anything I might try to help diagnose it?



Steven Israel