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ADV7441A Audio Loss using DAC with HDMI Input

Question asked by tsprinkle on Jul 30, 2012
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I am new to audio/video stuff and got thrown into this project using the ADV7441A/7341 evaluation board.  I am having issues with mostly audio drops when playing a Blu-Ray disc.  When running ADV7441A_ADV7441A@_ADV7441AVDP_ADV7441AHDMI_ADV7341-VER.MB1.4, I am able to see video output with sound effects audio (I am assuming this is the L + R channels) but lose the vocal parts (assuming this is the center channel).  I can only run the script that says HDMI Port A out through DAC/HDMI/DVI and select the first option (one ending in cable equalizer) to get video and the sound effects noise.  Any other script results in a loss of all audio.  I thought I had the evaluation board with the internal HDCP keys but according to another thread (, when running the "8-2 Download HDMI" script all I get is black video and no audio, which according the Analog Rep, means I don't have the evaluation board with the internal HDCP keys.  I want to be able to stream audio/video at color bit depth of 12 bits with stereo output for audio.  Any help would be appreciated.


--Taylor Sprinkle