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RF glitch in spectrum when initialize AD9789.

Question asked by lijun on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by danf

anyone can help the resolve the problem. when i initialize AD9789 after power up, sometimes there will be glitch in the spectrum, sometimes there will not. i have done some test.  i changed the clock frequency of spi bus. but the problem also exist.  i set all the data bits to dac to zero, the problem also exist. i turn off all the channles, the problem also exist. only when set the reset register to 1 and not release, the output will be very clean.

any one can tell me why AD9789 will output gilitch when initialize?  because i design a device use AD9789 and will connect to high power amplifier, so the gilitch is harmful. i'm very urgent to know how to config to avoid this problem.   thanks.