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Modifying SigmaDSP's EEPROM content using a uController

Question asked by Nando.One on Jul 28, 2012
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I'm developing an application that uses ADAU1701 along with it's own eeprom, pretty much the same schematic as ADAU1701 MINI evaluation board.


I'd like to use a microcontroller with the least amount of memory possible, therefore ADAU1701 will boot from its own EEPROM. That's fine, but the question is, can I update this eeprom with parameters like coefficients etc? In SigmaStudio, the capture window shows addresses for the DSP's memory, but in that case I would need eeprom's addresses too, so I can update parameters "for good", have the equipment shut down and next time it powers up it will boot from the eeprom containing program AND the parameters saved last time the equipment has been used. Is that possible? In case it is, how can I find the addresses for eeprom locations that corresponds to the DSP's registers (coefficients, selections, etc)?