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localtime issue

Question asked by gombos on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by James.Kosin


I found a strange issue. I need to know the distance in seconds between UTC time and local time included DST. I use the following function to get it:


int getTzOffset(void)


time_t currtime;

struct tm *timeinfo;



timeinfo = localtime(&currtime);

return timeinfo->tm_gmtoff;



Quite simple, isn't it? I'm sitting in GMT+1 and now it is summer time. So I expect the tm_gmtoff is 7200 and tm_isdst is 1. It is true if I run this code on my linux pc but on bf-537 I receive 3600 and 0 for tm_isdst.

My TZ file contains this:


Otherwise the local time calculation is perfect.