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Clocking the AD9789: ADF4150 + ADCLK914 or ADF4150 alone?

Question asked by JoseLago on Jul 27, 2012
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A couple of years ago we designed a PCB prototype using the DAC AD9789 clocked by a 2340 MHz VCO from RFMD squared up by the ADCLK914. The VCO was locked to an external 10 MHz reference using the PLL ADF4153. The designed met the specs by far.

We are now revising this design and are thinking or replacing the ADF4153 with an ADF4150. We were wondering whether we could use the ADF4150's RFout+/RFout- outputs to drive the CLKP/CLKN clock inputs of the AD9789. In the datasheet of the DAC AD9739A the ADF4350 is used

to drive its clock inputs. Can this same thing be done with the AD9789 + ADF4150 thus avoiding the use of the ADCLK914? Would there be any penalty in the performance of the AD9789?




Jose Lago