VisualDSP++ crashes when it loses contact with the license server

Discussion created by LechLorens on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by CraigG

Steps to reproduce (100% reproducible):

- compile a project,

- load it to your target board,

- start a tedious debugging session,

- have someone accidentally disconnect your ethernet cable from the switch,

- wait a while,

- see how VisualDSP++ crashes and you lose your progress in debugging.


To make things worse after you restart VisualDSP++ you will see that there must be a very good reason to rebuild every single source file in the project and give you a 15 minute break. After it is complete you notice that the session you used is gone and you have to set it up again. Once you do it you get another 15 minute break while the project is rebuilt again.


Sorry for being sarcastic, but I have never had to deal with a piece of software that even came close to being as buggy as VisualDSP++. I have a daily limit of 10 VDSP crashes that I can take without getting annoyed. Anything beyond that and I tend to get frustrated.