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Will the ADV7393 output CVBS with 640x480 RGB in

Question asked by Richdough on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by DaveD

We designed and built a PCB with your ADV7393 encoder on it. This IC has 640x480 16bit RGB in and CVBS output. We are unable to get this to work and need some help.


The input into the ADV7393 is RGB 4:4:4 with the following clocks and sync signals:

Clk = 27Mhz

Vsync = 60hz

Hsync = 36Khz

I have configured the chip using Table 77. 16-Bit 525i RGB In, CVBS/Y-C Out. This is on page 95 of the data sheet. I cannot get the output to display on a monitor.

Is this IC even capable of doing what we want?

I bought your demo board for testing outside of our PCB and cannot get it to work either.