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Silicon Anomaly BF50x revision 0.0

Question asked by rschoop on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by CraigG

Hello Everyone,


After a lot of troubleshooting  on my custom design based on the  BF504 processor ,  I  found out that  anomaly 05000490  and also 05000469  are giving me headaches.

Basically the DSP  sometimes fails to do a SPI boot correctly   or  sometimes   it  will latch  incorrect PLL values  so  my  clock timing will be wrong.

Sometimes everything goes fine,  so  I keep restarting  until  the boot proces  is correct.


I see that in  revsion 0.1 these problems are solved.  My question  is ,   did  someone  had the same troubles  and  ,  because of this  ,  is using revision 0.1 right now ??

If yes,   can you confirm that these problems  indeed do not  occur anymore ??

I am  still  prototyping, so  I can  still change the  processor instead of  doing all the workarounds.


Another question:  where  can I find   BF504 revision 0.1 for purchasing ??

Digikey still have  0.0  in stock   ,  and     Farnell /  Newark    cannot provide me with this information about revisions.


Kind regards,