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BF537 MAC to switch MAC direct connexion / Kernel config ?

Question asked by xii on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by silenuszhi

Hello All,


I just browse the forum for a moment and do not find someting relating this case.

Topic is also not related with DSA like highlited in the BF518EZ board.


I just want too connect the BF537 MII not directly on a PHY but to a MII MAC port of a switch for design reasons.

To do that, I plan to configure the swicth MAC port to Reverse MII in order that it outputs TX and RX clock to the

BF537 MII interface and accordingly connect MII data buses.


The question is what to do with unused signals PHY IRQ and MDC/MDIO ?

For the IRQ I plan to tie it up (meaning no Irq from external phy), Right ?

But for the MDC/MDIO bus I have no Idea of the kernel behaviour, is that possible to disable the

MDC/MDIO interface, is that possible to force link status (will be always UP at 100 FDX due to switch)?


Does someone has an idea ?


Thanks for your attention.


Best regards, Olivier.