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I2C0 Slave IRQ not firing in 7020

Question asked by raproskie on Jul 25, 2012
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I am using a GCC compiler an FreeRTOS  I have written drivers for a few components Like the ADC, DAC, COMPARATOR and I2C. I have a Main IRQ handler  for all IRQ's The ADC and Comparator and I2C1 - MASTER all work and the ISR's fire when they need to. but the I2C - Slave does Not fire, I have enabled the SM_SLAVE_BIT IRQ. I have also Loaded the I2C0STX with a Value to send. Also the ID is correct. i cant read from the Micro.


If I use the Examples from the I2C App note in a separate project without FreeRTOS, I also do not get IRQ working but if I put the ISR that I would have called into main(),"In a For loop" it works by reading the Slave STA.


Any Ideas welcome