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ADV7511 3D

Question asked by mparra on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by GuenterL


I am working on an evaluation board with 7612 input and 7511 output.

I am using AVES to load the scripts.

I need to make a circuit so an hdmi 1.3 signal with a side by side 3D video format can enter. The television that we are using for tests is a Philips 3dtv. When you transmit a 3D video signal from a pc with hdmi v1.4, the television automatically activates in 3D mode. We want to do the same: tell the transmitter that the signal is 3D so that the television will automatically activate in 3D mode.

The 7511 data sheet has very little information regarding this. We wrote the script, filling in the information that corresponds to the infoframe packet header and contents, but without success. So far we have only modified and configured the values of the 7511 as the data sheet explains.

The resolution we are using for configuration is 1080p 24Hz.

Can you indicate anything else about the 3D mode? Why won't the TV detect the 3D signal?