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ADuCM361 Resolution and Speed.

Question asked by Rabbit on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by MMA

Dear Support,


The ADuCM361 is a great IC for process control, 24Bit AD and Programmable current source....


Just get some questions as below:

1.Is the resolution still 24 Bits at 4K output rate?

2.If set the MCU gain = 128, this will add 5 bits more, can we say this IC resolution will be (24Bits + 5 Bits) = 29 Bits?

3.The ADC output rate from 4Hz to 4Khz. if we need sampling 50Hz mains power harmonic, we need sampling at 11kHz, is that achievable by reduce the resolution?

4.This IC "50Hz/60Hz rejection", Can we use this IC to  measure tiny 50Hz signal (such as insulation leakage, contact resistance)?