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Memory overlay or multiple DXEs?

Question asked by microlab on Jul 24, 2012



I'm developing a project that involves 2d barcode image processing and decoding using BF592. As the overall code size will be bigger than 32K bytes, so I am planning to split it into 2 parts, 1st parts does the image and data pre- /post-processing and the 2nd part just does the barcode decoding. My idea is when the system is powered up, the 1st part will be loaded in and process image/data, and then load in the 2nd part to decode the barcode, success or not, re-load in the 1st part to do the post-processing, and wait for the next image.


The code size of both parts will be bigger than 20K and each involves dozens of function calls, so  which one should I choose in my application, memory overlay or multiple DXEs?