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AD5933 for impedance monitoring but maybe reaction exists

Question asked by on Jul 24, 2012
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Hi all,


We are using the AD5933 for fast disease diagnosis (, but after I compared the results acquired using ad5933 with the ones by Impedance Analyzer (Agilent 4294a), I found they were different. So I am thinking maybe there was reaction caused by DC component in the process.


The paper from AD ( presented one ac coupled circuit, but I would like to know if my design will work first, because I have engraved the traces already.


Simply put, I added the Vout of AD5933 with a variable DC from an MCU using AD8641, this sum was connected to a switch/MUX while the Vin of AD5933 was also connected to this switch. After the voltage was stable (~ms), the switch will open and the samples will be stimulated by the voltage (Please take a look at the schematic). Will this work? Thank you so much!


And I also have some questions:

I will power the whole system through USB port (from a computer or a battery), is the power stable according to your experiences?

I am designing a multi-channel edition of this one, and I chose AD5932 as a signal generator instead of AD5933 (in the single channel one, the AD5933 acts as both signal generator and impedance analyzer). Will similar circuit suit for AD5932? The reaseon I use AD5932 is that it is cheaper and I observed that the waveform from AD5932 is tidier than AD5933.


Thank you so much for this, I deeply appreciate your help.



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