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How do you use the TMREXP pin?

Question asked by BobKruse on Jun 19, 2009
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I couldn't find any examples or descriptions of how to use the TIMEXP pin that is shared with FLAG3.


My Maxim MAX3100 RS232 driver needs a  a 50% duty-cycle, 3.68MHz clock.


When I laid out my PCB, I thought I would be able to generate it with one of the timers, and output it though TIMEXP to keep from using that last precious DAI pin.


When I read through the documentation, I couldn't find any way to do this. With the lack of any information to the contrary, I reached the conclusion that the TIMEXP pin is tied solely to the core timer, and that it only produces a single clock-time pulse every time the core-timer expires. I couldn't find any sections in the manuals that described  how to use the core timer, but our project uses VDK, and I bet VDK uses the core timer for it's scheduler, so I don't think it's available for me to use.


These are all just guesses. Can you give me information on the use of the TIMEXP pin, and the core-timer? Is it really dedicated to VDK? Can I use the TIMEXP pin the way I want, or do I really have to use up my only spare DAI pin?