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BF561-Multiple DXE boot based on BF Timer Interrupt

Question asked by Mahendran on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2010 by jobo23

Hi All,

Based on EE272 notes for Mutliple DXE booting, I havedownloaded the accompanied  example code
and did the following changes to suite our custom BF561 based board.
In blink_lower  -- Changed main.c to blink the LED  of our Custom board ( glows LED 1 & 3)
    blink_upper -- Changed main.c to blink the  LED of our Custom board  ( glows LED 2 & 4)
In  cmds.c      -- Used Timer interrupt of  blackfin( instead of PF/SW given in the example code)
                        Initialized timer routine  and registered timer interrupt,On every timer  interrupt,
                        the DXE1 and DXE2 should be booted alternatively   
Then I have generated the multiple.ldr file and  flashed my custom board.
On poweron I have noticed only DXE1 is executed  continuously( LED 1& 3 is glowing)
Switching to DXE2 is not happening on the next  timer interrupt..
I have attached the code with this.Can you help me to find out why the
switching of  DXE's is not happening when timer interrupt occurs ?

Thanks in advance.