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ADP3338-5 dropout voltage

Question asked by Adam.Yao on Jul 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by LucaV

Hi,ADI Expert

I use the low cost LDO adp3338-5 as the digital power regulator for my design.but now i am confused with the one of its features.I quoted the feature here-- 'Ultralow dropout voltage: 190 mV (typ) @ 1 A'.In my design,i supply adp3338-5 with a 5.85V from a switching power,but the output is 4.75V,not the value i have expected.I thought 5.85V is sufficient enough for ADP3338-5 if the dropout voltage 400mv is in the worst case.In fact,the load current is much lower than the rated 1A.Could ADI expert tell me why?

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