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How to write custom processing blocks.

Question asked by GUSADI12 on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by drugoimir

Hello: I need to implement a full wave integrator.  This nonlinear device does the following...

Integrates the absolute value of the audio input, and the output is reset to zero when the input has a zero crossing with a positive slope.  I cannot seem to be able to construct this with the standard building blocks provided in the SigmaStudio ADAU176x tool set. I know there is a value cross detector that can output a pulse at every zero crossing, but does not take into account the slope of the signal.  Further it is a pulse and I cant really see any useful block to preform the "reset to zero" based on the output pulse.  There is a absolute value arithmetic operator block that I believe will handle the absolute value of the input. There is also no integrator block, but I guess I could do that with a first order low pass processing block. If this can not be done buy using any combination of the standard blocks, what is the procedure i.e. tools / documentation / instruction set references, etc. etc. to “roll my own algorithm” ?