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ADL5382 baseband output range

Question asked by TPiggin on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Qui

Hi, I have noticed recently that when demodulating high amplitude signals (approx 5dBm) I am exceeding the the 2Vp-p figure in the datasheet and am curious as to why this is. I have a 500ohm load across the two outputs and then connection to my adc, which is high impedance. The problem is that I chose an ADC reference that would allow me to utilise all of that 2Vp-p range, but nothing more so that I could achieve max resolution. I now have the issue where my ADC is effectively clipping the demodulator outputs at both extremes. What signal level should give either a -1V or +1V differential signal on either channel (depending on the phase)? Maybe I am underestimating my signal level (as I can't accurately measure it) and so this is the reason I am exceeding the datasheet figure...