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Writing to NAND or DDR on BF548 using Flash Programmer

Question asked by on Jul 20, 2012
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hi colin

iam sachin here , i went through the Power-on -self-test , there are three type of memories

1 - 64mb ddr

2- burst flash

3 - 2Gb Nand flash

but here it is shown for burst flash , if i want to use 64 mb DDR or 2Gb nanflash then i do not have BF548EzFlashDriver_PC28f128.dxe file , so can u tell me from where i can use this flash memories .



- Click on the "Tools" menu item and select "Flash Programmer..."

- The Flash Programmer interface will pop up

- Click on the "Browse..." button next to the "Load Driver" button to browse for the driver

- The driver should be in

  "...\Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite\Flash Programmer\Burst"

- Select the driver file "BF548EzFlashDriver_PC28f128.dxe" and then click "Load Driver"

- Click on "Programming..." tab

- Click on the "Browse..." button for "Data file" to browse for Power_On_Self_Test.ldr

- Select the Power_On_Self_Test.ldr file just created and click "Program"

- "Power_On_Self_Test.ldr" is now in flash

- Close the Flash Programmer dialog box.