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Choose different EQ Presets / Filter with GPIOs

Question asked by MarkusAD on Jul 19, 2012
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i want to choose between different EQ Presets / Filter via GPIO Pins.

I have a ADAU1401 and he is connected to a microcontroller via I²C. 6 GPIO Pins are connected directly to the microcontroller. The signal which I want to change is delivered via I²S, input is the GPIO Pin 1 (MP1 - Input Sdata_in1) and output ist the GPIO Pin 6 (MP6 - Sdata_out0).


Is it possible to set a value for the 6 Pins (000000 - 111111 [i don't need so many options]), read that value, look, which preset it stands for and "switch this on" ? I could only find a Toggle button function for going through a list of different presets.


I hope i described my problem good enough. I never did anything before with dsp and filter etc. Would be great if somebody could help me.