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BF526 v0.1 Bootrom fails with bootrom.assert.default during preboot

Question asked by felix on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by felix

We've got BF526 V0.1 samples, and unable to bood any of them from NOR flash. After hours of debugging i've discovered that preboot fails to what looks like bootrom.assert.default. Unfortunately there's no accessible BF526 bootrom V3 sources or dxe to know see the symbols. Please note that OTP in those samples is unchanged. Also -- if i run "0xef000008" function with 0x20000000 in r0 the blackfin manages to boot correctly, this proves that LDR is valid in flash... What can be done? Where can i find BF526 bootrom V3 dxe and /or sources?

Please help desperate coder