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nfsroot dropped from recent kernels?

Question asked by mjk on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by mjk

I can't simply find, where to enable nfsroot. The doc says to enable nfsclient vers3 and there should be an option to select nfsroot. I have linux-dist-2001R1-RC3 and trunk-svn-10727, and in both can't find it. Automounter is set, BOOTP is set, but still no nfsroot.


The kernel boots fine from uImage and nfs-mount  works ok. But nfsboot from u-boot doesn't work, getting kernel panic can't mount rootfs on unknown, probably just because nfsroot is not set.


Is it dropped for favor of something other network filesystem, or are there some settings in config, that has to be on or off? Or is just a bug?


board is BF537-ezkit using BF537-stamp.

toolchain is ADI-2011R1-RC4