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Using reference design hardware in Quartus II 12.0

Question asked by MNicoara on Jul 19, 2012
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I have a problem with a few reference designs: when I open the system in SOPC Builder, I get the following error


Error: altpll: couldn't read file "../altera_avalon_mega_common/sopc_mwizc.tcl"

    (file line 2)

    invoked from within

"source "../altera_avalon_mega_common/sopc_mwizc.tcl""

    (file "C:/Users/home/Downloads/BeMicroSDK_Altera/ReferenceDesigns/1-AD7980SDZ/ad7980_evalboardlab/NiosCpu/altera_avalon_altpll_hw.tcl" line 57)


Also, no component has a clock input and the ALTPLL cannot be edited.