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ADV7513 HDMI reconnection procedure

Question asked by Varun on Jul 18, 2012
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I'm having some issues comunicating with downstream monitors with the adv7513. In order to detect sink presence, I'm looking at the monitor sense & hot plug detect bits. When both of these are asserted, I run the adv7513 initialization code from one of the adv7513 sample scripts. This works intermittently. Sometimes the monitors(I've tried a few different ones) will come up from standby mode fine, other times they come out of standby, fail to detect a signal, and go back into standby. my fix so far has been to repeat the initialization of the adv7513 multiple times, so that the monitor detects the 7513 once it's out of standby. While this works, I doubt it's the way I should be handling this. What is the proper way to detect the presence of a downstream component & initiate HDMI communication with it?