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Load regulation with load > 600 ohms in current mode

Question asked by Gentilini on Jul 18, 2012
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I'm using the DAC AD5755BCPZ in current mode, scale 0-24mA and using an dual +15V/-15V external DC-DC converter providing +15V at Vboos_x and AVDD; -15V@AVDDS.

With a load above 600 ohms, it's not possible to provide the correct output value.

As example, with a load of 750 ohms, the load regulation is okey unitl 15 mA. Above this level the output can provide the correct current. When the output must be 20 mA, the measured value is 18mA. The power supplies are okey and its no problem of calibration as with load below 600 ohms outputs are perfect.

In datasheet current section, the value of 1k ohms is mentioned as maximum load. Could someone provide more information about this problem ?


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