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Forcing the ADV7403 digital output to 525 or 625 lines independently of the video source

Question asked by veim1502 on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by DerekBurke

I have a problem when configuring a CVBS input on the ADV7403. The video processing device that receives the digital video of the ADV7403 has a video data port that is very sensitive to format change and need to be rebooted (which take a long time) if the standard changes (from 525 to 625 lines per frame or vice versa) while it is running.

I am not able to force the ADV7403 to output the digital video to one specific standard (525 lines NTSC or 625 lines PAL) even if I set the register 0x00 to force the input standard.


I configure the ADV7403 following the recommendation in the datasheet manual for CBVS input on table 126 on page 302 with 2 modifications.

  1. I set register 0x00 to either 0x5E (525 lines NTSC) or 0x8E (625 lines PAL)
  2. I set register 0x03 to 0x0C to use 8 bits instead of 10


Even with those settings, if it is configured in NTSC, it will output 625 lines if the input signal is detected with 625 line (PAL). If configure in PAL, it will output 525 lines if the input signal is detected as NTSC.


Is there any way to for the output of the ADV7403 to a specific format, or at least stop sending digital video when the standard selected does not match what is detected.