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Starting a simple audio processor

Question asked by CristianoNunes on Jul 17, 2012
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I´m Cristiano and starting this issue from Brazil. I´m new with DSP and trying to built simple audio processor for live audio. The main ideia is a 2 way processor witch parametric eq, crossover and some delay on high frequency way. So, I have few questions:


1- ADAU1701 is a good choice to start? I choose this model because it already has da ADC and DAC and some RAM memory to delay the high frequency way.


2- Programming ADAU1701 - What I need to program the DSP? I already did a "draft" with Sigma Studio and I dont have a evaluation board. As I lived outside the USA, I think is the best ideia to me is draw a board and make a board to test. But the problem is how I program the DSP.


Many thanks!