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USBi random disconnections?

Question asked by dave.zap on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by HankZ

Hi All, first post here and unfortunately it's to report a fault.


I have just received the EVAL-ADAU1761Z and it's all very lovely.


Some times the SigmaStudio will loose contact with the USBi device. The ADAU1761 chip continues to function however I am unable to control it or reprogram the device without unplugging the USB cable (power cycle) - reinserting and waiting for about 10 seconds.


I run Windows 7 ( all the latest updates ) on a 2 year old Macbook Pro


I have attached a number of images below.


I've searched the forum and found at least one other post related to this... do I need a new USBi or eval board?