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How to configure AD1980 sampling rate using BF548

Question asked by Sibi on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by PeteG


       I am working with BF 548 EzKitLite. Board has got AD 1980 codec interfaced with BF548 sport0 interface.

I tried to configure the codec sapmling rate in 8000 Hz. I am using the post routine available with in Vdsp software for audio. I have modified the codec registers like Ext audio control , adc  dac sampling rate regs, but i am not able to get the signal out of the codec. It is working good with the defaullt configuration fs 48KHz.

Please guide me to cofigure the codec in 8KHz sampling rate, what all are the reg has to be modified.


       sport 0 RFS is internally generated, RFSDIV= 0x00FF. TFS is externally generated.

It is using AC97 bit clk 12.288 MHz.


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