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Differences  in SESR Betweenn BF547 and BF527

Question asked by AlonIs on Jul 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by gyi

I have the same code running on BF527 and BF547(very small changes in order to customize it to BF547 ) . the program enter secure mode and run some tasks. when the code run on BF527 I'm able to debug the code with jtag(as I defined) , and I also can see that all task run Properly.

When the code runs on the BF547 the only thing I know,  is that it entered to secure mode . I know it because of the message I get when I try to stop the program with jtag. the program isn't run properly and I wasn't able to debug the program with jtag.

what are the differences in the SESR between those 2 Processors ?