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BF537 SPI Operation with ADS1298

Question asked by mini on Jul 15, 2012

I am working on communications between BF537 Ez-Kit and TI ADS1298 ADC using SPI interface. Because ADS1298 is a 8-channel, high resolution, 24-bit ADC, so I would want to config BF537 SPI in the inbound DMA mode. But before receive the large amount of data ,we should first config the ADC  register.


What I have done is writing a ADS1298 driver, and the driver file refers to AD1871 driver. But I found the SPI didn't transmit register control information to the ADC as predicted, and the received data couldn't read from SPI as well. Is this because AD1871 is using SPORT interface, but what I am using is SPI?


During the debug period, I find the SPI_STAT=0x0034or0x0009, but once I transmit the register information, I free the transmit buffer. I set the SPI_CTL=0x5432,SPI_BAUD=110B and SPI_FLG=FD02


Can anyone help me out with this problem, attached is my ADC driver.