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Missing USB stuff

Question asked by Rob. on Jul 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by sonic

During several things that are prepared and I have partially got working with USB host port for Blackfin (here: BF526), I'm encountering a quite severe lack of basic resources. Most apparent is the lack of (demo) mdev-based hotplug scripts in even vendor/AnalogDevices eval boards where USB is present.


In general, the documentation ( is absolutely excellent. And that even goes beyond the specific focus of blackfin products on multimedia applications. But on the other hand, I'd expect that resources on analog devices boards are more comprehensive. Regarding the hotplug scripts, I'm probably false - perhaps I'm overlooking things, or analog devices supposes intentional absence of hotplugging needs for their eval boards and in the context of most embedded systems this is even true. However, regarding wifi-stick firmware loading, a hotplugging scheme seems necessary in order to let firmware automatically load from userspace scripts just at the time that a modprobe is executed. I'd suggest that I open a new thread with this specific (firmware) focus, when hints and/or a solution result of it. I than can update the appropriate docs page. Regarding the generic nature of this posting, I'd appreciate to get a statement about missing USB resources.


Less problematic (because it is a generic linux topic, not specific uClinux for blackfin) is about wpa_supplicants. It is part of hostap, but in 2011R1 I can't get it compiled without errors. Regarding this, I'd open a separate thread, if support can be expected.